See the Space Station in the morning

A potentially interesting way to start the first working day of the new year – get up really early on Friday morning and you might be able to see the International Space Station fly overhead – albeit at a very

Laptops banned in coffee shops?

As someone who works in coffee shops a fair bit, mainly so that I don’t go stir-crazy working at home all the time, I was amused* to read this story about another blogger being told that he couldn’t use his

Abandoned London

A couple of years ago I had the idea that it might be fun to take photos of London without humans – yes, I was motivated by that scene in Westminster from 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, not being a film

Watch a Satellite Launch Live

Tomorrow evening (Sat 20th Dec), it will be possible to watch a satellite launch live, as a launch of the massive Ariane 5 rocket will be taking place. Alas, it is only via the internet from South America – as


Update: Click on the link for the latest details of how to request tickets to see Have I Got News for You being recorded Saw the recording of tonight’s episode of Have I Got News for You last night. Jeremy

The animaleidoscope

Some mirrors, lots of animals and one sub-Tangerine Dream soundtrack – quite wonderful. Hattip: TheCroydonian If you ever wanted to introduce the science of animal behaviour to an audience – this video clip would certainly be a good way to

Post Offices and Peter Mandelson

Last night I attended a speech by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson who outlined a new policy of boosting the UK economy though revamping how the government works and try to assist businesses to function in the current economic climate. Most

Last minute tickets

Am off to the RSA this evening to listen to Lord Mandy of Dodgy Mortgage give a talk about boosting the British economy and it seems that the talk is proving popular as I had an email earlier this week

Cloning an Ice-Age Mammoth

On Thursday evening I wandered along to the Grant Museum for the last of their current series of lectures themed around Dinosaurs. The topic was very “Jurassic Park”, being on cloning dead animals – although to keep it scientifically realistic

Christmas Music

Just thought I’d try and find some background music on my Sky-box to have on while pondering doing some domestic labour in the flat. Flicking through the available listings to see what was available and out of 32 available channels,

Weird online advertising

Online advertising can sometimes throw up oddities, especially when an advert appears next to a news article which is disparaging about the product – or similar such hilarity. With the rise of contextual advertising though, where the contents of the

You may very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment

Over the past few weeks, I have been re-watching the House of Cards Trilogy on DVD again. It’s one of those great political drams, but my views of the series changed over time as the programs themselves changed. In part

Steam trains in London this weekend

If you’ve been watching the recent series of TV programs on BBC4 (and some on BBC2) about the ending of steam trains in the country – then you might be interested to learn that this weekend is an excellent one

Clear sky at night – Observers delight

According to the weather reports, this Saturday night (6th Dec) is expected to be very clear – and cold. The Hampstead Observatory in North London is open to the public from 8pm and this could be a good night to

Two talks on two nights

Been a busy few days – went to talks this evening and yesterday evening. Considering that I normally work in the evenings, these nights out result in coming home and having to put in an extra hour or two before

Quiz the Tube Managers

After a group of London bloggers were recently invited to meet with TfL, it is now possible for anyone to quiz the same people we had the chance to chat to. TfL is launching the second (?) of their online

Tour of The Mansion House

Today was a first – as it marked the first time that the Mansion House in the City of London has been open for tours by the general public. It has been possible to write in for a tour but

Back to Barts

It’s been four years since I quite literally staggered out of Barts hospital on walking sticks, having spent a month there recovering  from an uncomfortably close dalliance with Death. Annoyingly I am still not absolutely back to where I was