Was sitting at my desk working when I saw a boat going past the flat trailing a couple of wires and a large disturbance behind it.

I am guessing that it is churning up the river bed for some reason – and have seen this before. What was noticable this time was the huge flock of seagulls behind the boat, so I ran over to the window and quickly took a photo.

Click for larger.

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  1. Matthew

    My guess is that they were attracted to the invertebrates brought up from dredging. Are there still shrimps in the Thames?

  2. IanVisits

    Good point.

    I presumed that the seagulls were expecting food to appear, but apart from dead fish, I really couldn’t think what it could be.

    Not sure about shrimps this close to the center of London, but I don’t see why not for many other river bed dwelling shellfish.

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