Sky News to rely on Digg/Reddit etc for news

This week’s New Media Age magazine has an article about a revamp at the UK satellite TV station, Sky News which will include the launch a new program which sounds suspiciously similar to the BBC News 24’s own “Your News”, where they run a commentary on which news articles people are reading on their own webstie.

New Media Age magazine coverThe interesting snippet though was that part of the half hour slot (7:30pm from Oct 2nd) will include discussions of the top stories appearing on social bookmarking websites such as Digg, Reddit and Technorati.

So, now if a website hits the front page of those sites, not only is there the high profile link and blog-chatter driving traffic to the site – it could also appear on a fairly major TV news program as well.

The NMA website requires a log-in to read the whole article, which is why I blogged about it for Digg (etc.) as opposed to linking directly to the news article.

The other key difference is that the Sky News version will run every day – while the BBC version seems to be a weekly show. Sky News is majority controlled by Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

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