Following on from the posting I wrote last week about whether SSL Certificates can affect how spam filters affect your marketing emails…

Threadwatch had an interesting comment that wondered if the presence of an SSL certificate could impact on search engine results.

It is thought highly probable that Google etc do maintain some sort of trust worthiness ranking for websites, such as how long a domain name is registered for (spammers buy 1yr domains) and how long inbound links linger on the outbound website (to avoid paid for links).

Now, what – if any – would be the impact of a website having an SSL certificate?

Unfortunatly, I am not in the position to set up an A/B trial of this – but I know a lot of professional SEO firms do tests using multiple websites, and it would be interesting to try out.

I am still sorting out the purchase of my SSL certificate – the cheap one, as it is not a lot of cash to “waste” if they have no impact, and you never know – one day I might actually need it for more conventional reasons.

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