It seems so according to Google Maps.

If you do a search, the sidebar address is indeed, correct – however, the marker on the website is not lurking over Grosvenor Square, but planted firmly on top of the Royal Mail sorting office.

Click here to see for yourself
US Embassy

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  1. If it had been the French embassy, they would have surrendered.

  2. sane

    Since it was the American Embassy, however, the Congo was overrun by US Troops looking for the culprits at Google; Who have never been near the Congo, and do not, in fact, possess any waepons of mass deception.

  3. Emily

    Please, no one wants to go look at the American Eyesore of London. You have to admit that the sorting centre looks much nicer.

    I’d much rather go to the Texas Embassy, anyway – only decent Tex-Mex in town, even if it is horrendously overpriced.

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